The Whiskey Sour signed by NIO Cocktails. For you a high quality recipe.

The Whiskey Sour signed by NIO Cocktails. For you a high quality recipe.

A cocktail essentially made of Whiskey, a milestone in the world of mixology: in your personal collection of cocktails at home, you cannot miss it.

The Whiskey Sour is as simple as a recipe as it is versatile in tasting occasions, a classic, but with a fascinating story. Perfect for an aperitif as for a refreshing and pleasant after dinner; a treat for those who love the flavor of Whiskey as long as the ingredients maintain the correct proportions and its ingredients are carefully selected to ensure absolute quality.

Continue to create your own personal cocktail collection at home with NIO Cocktails. A fascinating world, full of history and centuries-old savoir-faire, as well as constantly new experiments. A refined drinking culture.

Whiskey Sour. The mixology.

  • Bourbon Bulleit: for our Whiskey Sour, we chose the Bourbon Bulleit. Excellent quality with a strong soul that knows how to remain enveloping and seductive: a precious Bourbon famous worldwide for its precise and direct flavor that expands vanilla and wood aromas.
  • Organic citric acid is a natural compound present in citrus, especially in lemon, and is defined as a weak acid because it does not cause damage to health. For us, it is a style choice: it gives the drink the right degree of acidity, leaving it at the same time clear and crystalline, in absolute coherence with the modern techniques of Mixology. Our citric acid is organic.
  • Liquid sugar: a totally natural composition that is a part of water and two of sugar. Obviously, the best quality made in Italy.

NIO Cocktails chooses for you only premium spirits and natural ingredients.

The Whiskey Sour: at home an essential must of any cocktail list that is worthy.

When in the name of a cocktail read the word "Sour," with NIO Cocktails and Patrick Pistolesi, now you know, two things are certain:

  • Quality and essentiality: It seems an extremely simple recipe but requires perfect doses and the correct premium ingredients to ensure the ideal balance of flavors.
  • History of mixology: it is a piece of history of mixology: the Sour, in fact, indicates a cocktail composed "simply" from a distillate mixed with sugar and lemon. We are at the beginning of mixology, between 1600 and 1800, when buccaneers and doctors agreed (rather pragmatically) that to combine a distillate sugar and lemon was almost an elixir of long life, suitable for men of a crew to overcome the long periods of navigation.

NIO Cocktails enters your home with a recipe with ingredients of absolute prestige; above all, the Bourbon Bulleit. So let's start from here: quality and essentiality in the recipe of Patrick Pistolesi.

NIO Cocktails offers you a prestigious recipe: taste a Bourbon Bulleit Whiskey Sour at home.

The Bourbon Bulleit is an absolute reference in the field of Whiskey. It has its roots more than 150 years ago in Scotland from the idea of Augustus Bulleit. NIO chose the Kentucky Straight version that has been awarded over the decades for the absolute quality of the ingredients.


The Kentucky Straight Bourbon Bulleit is an American Whiskey with a distinct taste. It is a classic bourbon, smoky, with an elegant amber color; its taste intoxicates the senses with vanilla and wood. The aroma is unmistakable and complex, with dominant oak notes, maple syrup, mint, cinnamon, dates, and beeswax. The final result is pleasant because sugar and lemon mitigate the strength of bourbon, creating a pleasant, full, intense, and fresh cocktail.

Put a Whiskey Sour in your living room. An important chapter in the history of cocktails.

The true origins of Whisky Sour are not entirely clear. However, the authorship of the Whiskey Sour Cocktail is commonly attributed to an Englishman, Mister Elliott Stubb, 1872. A couple of years earlier, Mister Stubb (actually not very well-mannered and very adventurous) was in Iquique, a pleasant village in Chile, where he decided to go into business and open a bar. In this small place opened by an adventurer, the cocktail that takes the name of Whiskey Sour was born: a mix of a classic Whiskey with a local product, limon de pica.

The limon de pica

This version of events is "canonized" by a story written in 1962 by the Universidad de Cuyo, Argentina, which cites a Peruvian newspaper, El Comercio De Iquique.
This hypothesis, however, loses credibility considering that the drink is mentioned in the famous "The bartender's guide: how to mix drinks" by Jerry Thomas, published in 1862.

According to this, the cocktail could be traced back to the ancient British seafaring practice of preparing drinks that could be kept during long voyages by ship and to prevent the illnesses linked to the uncomfortable conditions of living for long periods on the boat.


Do you know that, like a wine, also cocktails can enhance the flavours of the kitchen? What is the food to pair with Whiskey Sour?

Whiskey Sour is a cocktail that you can combine with hearty, spicy, or smoked dishes and lighter dishes, maybe vegetarian.

Recommended recipes for your Whiskey Sour signed by NIO Cocktails: Bolognese lasagne, roast veal, beef chops in BBQ sauce, brisket, fish balls, salmon in teriyaki sauce, sweet and sour pork, veal chop with pepper sauce.

Drink NIO Cocktails Whiskey Sour at home because it is a cocktail:

  • For connoisseurs: the Whiskey Sour becomes an easy protagonist for the best palates. In its few ingredients, one finds the impossibility to deceive with some artifice. For this reason, with NIO Cocktail go for sure: the best in terms of recipe (by Patrick Pistolesi) and Bourbon (the fantastic Bulleit);
  • Versatile: it is a cocktail with low alcohol content and extreme freshness without losing its identity. Always a certainty;
  • Historical: mixology is culture. Being able to taste a cocktail made by a top bartender in the world, with top-quality ingredients, and at the same time be able to fascinate by telling the story of Mister Eliott Stubb and how a true adventurer... Well, you know the rest now! 

NIO Cocktail believes in the culture of drinking well also in the world of cocktails.

Try now our Whiskey Sour!