Daiquiri Cocktail

The classic, refreshing combination of Rum Santiago de Cuba Carta Blanca and citrus this popular, classic cocktail is one of the most well-balanced drinks around. The Daiquiri is typically enjoyed in the summer with the warmth of the sun soaking into your skin.


The classic, refreshing combination of Rum Santiago de Cuba Carta Blanca and citrus.

Rum Santiago de Cuba Carta Blanca | Bio Citric Acid | Toschi liquid sugar | 100 ML | 19.1% VOL.

Hand-mixed in Italy with the best spirits from all over the world

We’ll take you home or wherever you like, with a high quality and exciting tasting experience. Treat yourself or give someone you love a wonderful sensory moment. Our cocktails are created by top mixologist Patrick Pistolesi and produced in entirely recyclable packaging.

Daiquiri History

It is the end of the 19th century. The US and Spain are at war. US vessel The Maine sinks off the coast of Havana. One of the survivors reaches the shore. Thank goodness. Because he washes up in a village called...Daiquiri. Shipwrecks tend to give you a thirst and so he heads to the local bar. Straight rum seems a little strong. He adds lime juice. Too tart. He adds sugar. Perfect. The Daiquiri is made to drink cold and clean. A white sandy Cuban beach is optional.

3 steps to the Perfect Cocktail in 1 minute


Choose your favorite NIO Cocktails and have a glass full of ice ready. Shake the pack.


Just pinch and tear the coloured corner, no need to remove it from the paper sleeve.


Pour into the glass and let stand for a minute for the perfect serve... enjoy in good company.