NIO Cocktails X Sanpellegrino

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NIO Cocktails with Bibite Sanpellegrino,which is iconic brand of authentic Italian taste, launches the exclusive Sparkling Cocktail Experience box.
This box contains 5 unique and exclusive cocktails, and it is designed to be mixed by yourself, with the most iconic tastes of Bibite Sanpellegrino... like a real mixologist.
- Cocktail Amùre 

(Vodka Ketel One / Crème De Mure / Organic Citric Acid / Liquid Sugar Toschi. 100ML / ALC. 17.2% VOL.)
A refreshing and tasteful cocktail, a true love potion!  

Mix with Sanpellegrino Organic Lemonade to give a sparkling and Mediterranean touch to this exclusive cocktail. 

- Cocktail Exotic Tonic
(White Rum Pampero / Passion Fruit Liquor / Organic Citric Acid / Liquid Sugar Toschi. 100ML / ALC. 22.4% VOL.)
A holiday in the Caribbean, a sunset on a white beach, a summer love: this is the flavour of this exotic cocktail.

Mix with Tonica Agrumi Sanpellegrino for a tasting experience with delicate flavors.

- Cocktail Il Diciannove

(Gin Tanqueray / Americano Cocchi / Luxardo White Bitter. 100ML / ALC. 25.6% VOL.)
At the end of a busy day, there is nothing better than a break with a bitter drink with light and elegant tones, a perfect aperitif.

Mix with Cocktail Sanpellegrino for a unique drink.

- Cocktail Spicy Business

(Gin Tanqueray / Cognac / Apricot Brandy Bols / Organic Citric Acid / Liquid Sugar Toschi. 100ML / ALC. 25% VOL.)
A strong and refreshing cocktail, spicy and complex, with an intense and unpredictable character.

Mix with Ginger Beer Sanpellegrinoto add sparkle and fun.

- Cocktail Urbano

(Bourbon Bulleit / Rabarbaro / Cocchi Storico Vermouth from Torino / Campari. 100ML / ALC. 20.9% VOL.)
An enveloping cocktail, made precious by t traditional Bourbon Bulleit "meditation".

Mix with  Chinò

Sanpellegrino to blend it with an unmistakable Italian taste.

Hand-mixed in Italy with the best spirits from all over the world

We’ll take you home or wherever you like, with a high quality and exciting tasting experience. Treat yourself or give someone you love a wonderful sensory moment. Our cocktails are created by top mixologist Patrick Pistolesi and produced in entirely recyclable packaging.